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Black Limestone Paving Midnight Sawn 900x600 22mm £19.39/m2

Black Limestone Paving Midnight Sawn 900x600 22mm £19.39/m2

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Black Limestone Paving 900 x 600 x 22 Midnight Kodapha Slabs are known for their strikingly even appearance and feature a refined finish with sawn edges. These patio or garden slabs present a uniform surface with a flat profile, creating an appealing tactile experience and ensuring a secure, non-slip quality in outdoor areas. This limestone paving showcases a captivating 'orange peel' texture, introducing visual interest and improving traction.

This carbon limestone paving is calibrated to a depth of 22mm (nominal), ensuring consistency and ease of installation. This calibrated depth makes them a practical and cost-effective choice, saving both time and money during the laying process.

We also supply black limestone paving 600 x 600, black limestone paving plank 900 x 200 and black limestone paving patio packs.

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