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Black Kadapha Limestone Paving Slabs 600x600 22mm £21.20/m2

Black Kadapha Limestone Paving Slabs 600x600 22mm £21.20/m2

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Black Kadapha limestone paving stones 600 x 600 are known for their remarkably uniform appearance. The cleft surface of the slabs is naturally smooth, adding visual interest to any patio or garden. With their flat surface and attractive orange peel finish, these slabs offer a highly tactile texture and excellent grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience with minimal slip risk.

600 x 600 format of black limestone paving creates a consistent and harmonious pattern in outdoor spaces. These slabs maintain a consistent depth of 22mm, allowing for a swift and effortless installation process. This consistency not only saves time but also reduces costs, making it a cost-effective choice for your project.

We also supply black limestone paving 900 x 600, black limestone paving plank 900 x 200 and black limestone paving patio packs.

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