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White Quartz Sparkle Split Face Tiles 360x100 £31.19/m2

White Quartz Sparkle Split Face Tiles 360x100 £31.19/m2

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White Quartz Sparkle Split Face Tiles Cladding 360 x 100 offer a stunning combination of white colour with gleaming quartz elements, creating a captivating effect. These versatile tiles are perfect for transforming interior areas, allowing you to create stunning feature walls or enhance the surroundings of a fireplace. They also bring a touch of luxury to restaurants, fashion stores, or any business setting that calls for sophistication.

The crisp white beauty and light sophistication of the White Quartz Sparkle Split Face Tiles Cladding are truly captivating. They have the power to instantly transform your space, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Embrace the unique charm and elegance of these tiles and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your environment.

We also supply White sparkle quartz split face tiles 550 x 150.

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