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Hammerstone Black Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600 £20.94/m2

Hammerstone Black Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600 £20.94/m2

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Porcelain Paving Slabs Hammer Black 900x600x20mm are matt finished design, the surface is hammerstone sense, the colour available is black.

Hammerstone series porcelain paving is a full-colour body porcelain slab, which is scratch-resistant, very strong load resistant with maintenance-free giving a contemporary modern feeling, which is also known as vitrified paving.

Full-body porcelain paving is unglazed porcelain tiles that are composed of natural clays. As the name goes, the full body of the slabs is the design and the surface colour of the whole body is the same. It is made using a mixture of refined natural clays and natural pigments of different colours. After passing through the sintering and pressing phase, the homogenous slab is made from the mixture. This process of making full-body vitrified slabs in India is quite similar to the natural process of the formation of stones from sediment.

At the Simola, we feature a unique collection of full-body vitrified slabs that add aesthetic value to your space. As these slabs are unglazed, they have high slip resistance, and abrasion resistance, and are highly wear and tear-resistant. Popular in the UK market, full-body porcelain slabs are available in glossy, matte, and rough finishes. Owing to their robust characteristics, they are widely used in heavy-traffic commercial spaces outdoors besides patio gardens and driveways.

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