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Cement Ash Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600 £20.94/m2

Cement Ash Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600 £20.94/m2

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Cement Ash porcelain paving measuring 900x600 in a stylish matte finish. The surface of these outdoor porcelain tiles mimics the texture and look of cement, providing a modern and industrial aesthetic, and the available colour option for these slabs is Ash grey.

With generous dimensions of 900x600, these porcelain paving slabs create a sense of spaciousness and make a strong visual impact in your outdoor space. The larger size allows for a seamless and expansive look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

These porcelain paving slabs are part of the cement range, cement grey porcelain slabs combine modern design, durability and low maintenance requirements. Its matte finish, cement-like surface, scratch resistance and dynamic cream markings make it a great choice for contemporary outdoor spaces.

We also supply Cement ash porcelain paving 600x600.

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