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Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobble Setts 100x100x50mm From £33.99/m2

Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobble Setts 100x100x50mm From £33.99/m2

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Kandla grey sandstone cobble setts are a perfect solution for your pathway, driveway, and paving needs. These hand-cut stones, measuring 100 x 100 x 50, offer an appealing texture and durability that will enhance any outdoor space.

With their convenient size of 100 x 100 x 50mm, these super strong and wear-resistant block paving setts are highly regarded in the UK block paving market. The elegant grey hue of these stones effortlessly complements any fashionable paving design, adding a touch of sophistication to your project.

Whether you're looking to create a stunning garden pathway, revamp your driveway for a polished appearance, or add elegant edging and borders to your patio, the Kandla grey sandstone setts and cobbles are the ideal choice. The hand-cut edges of these stones bring a unique character to your outdoor space, while their durability ensures long-lasting beauty and functionality.

We also supply Kandla grey sandstone cobble setts 200 x 100 x 50.


Sandstone Cobble Setts
COLOUR Kandla Grey
MATERIAL Sandstone
FINISHED FACE Natural Cleft Riven
SIZE, PACK 100 x 100 x 40-60mm, 900 pieces
THICKNESS Nominal 50 mm (± 10)
COVERAGE 10 m2 Depending on Joint Size
CALIBRATED Uncalibrated
EDGE Hand-Cut, Natural Split
LAID 12-18 mm Joint
MADE BY Indian Partner Quarry
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