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Dove Grey Limestone Paving Sawn Edge 600x600 22mm Cal. £22.00/m2

Dove Grey Limestone Paving Sawn Edge 600x600 22mm Cal. £22.00/m2

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Dove grey limestone paving 600 x 600 offers a unique and beautiful way to enhance the character and style of your outdoor area or patio. The combination of different shades of grey with subtle white flecks creates a distinct and elegant appearance. The hand-cut riven texture adds a touch of tradition and style while providing a non-slip surface. The machine-cut edges contribute to the modern look of the paving, and the uniform installation of the 600 x 600 paving slabs lends a cohesive and harmonious ambience to the area.

Maintenance of dove grey limestone paving is minimal, requiring only mild soap and water for easy cleaning. Its high adaptability allows it to withstand the changing weather conditions in the UK without losing its beauty over time. Moreover, dove grey limestone is a cost-effective choice compared to other paving materials with a similar appearance.

Grey is a perennially popular color for modern outdoor paving, and dove grey limestone stands out as a particularly favoured option in the realm of Indian limestone paving. Dove grey limestone, also known as Kurnool grey limestone, is a type of limestone paving that is commonly found with a few white spots on the market.

We also supply Dove grey limestone 900x600 and Dove grey limestone patio packs.

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